The Frickle Family

Meet the Frickle's!  They are some of my most favorite people that I know!  I met this bunch a few years ago when they gave me a job at their family owned business, The Kitchen Engine!  They welcomed me as a new member of their family and not just as an employee.  It was soooo refreshing, especially since I had never worked retail before and didn't know what to expect.  Needless to say, they became fast friends that I very much cherish!  

We had too much fun at their shoot a few weeks ago...I truly didn't want it to end!  I photograph a lot of families and I've never had two children under the age of 8 be just as excited about taking pictures at the end of a shoot as they were in the beginning!  It was the most adorable thing EVER!  

I so love what we got!  I hope ya'll do too!


The Young Family

This family is a hoot!  I had so much fun hanging out with these guys on their family farm!  That little munchkin, Claire, was the most adorable one year old ever!  And.....I found out after the shoot that she's gonna be a big sister!  Yay for loving and growing families!


Nothing like a big ole group hug! :)

I couldn't leave out Tug!  He's looking mighty pensive here if I must say so myself.

Alexis & Lisa + Class of 2014

Meet Alexis (left) and Lisa (right)!  These twin sisters were so much fun to photograph!  We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon with lots of sunshine and just enough wind to give us that occasional super model wind blown look!  These girls were a complete delight to say the least and have an AMAZING future ahead of them!


Did I, also, mention these two received full ride scholarships to the University of Washington?!?  Brains and beauty galore!  Congrats you two smarty pants!!  :)